Monday, 17 December 2012

A Christmas Catherine!

Well it is nearly Christmas and Catherine continues to do very well. She is fighting fit and leaping around like any other seven-year-old.

Her stamina and physical abilities are continuing to strengthen following her chemotherapy. She is now grade 4 at swimming - the lessons have really helped her to develop strength and stamina - and she recently received her certificate for 20m. She has great confidence in the water and is developing in her swimming techniques.

At school, she continues to do very well. She is sociable, confident and loves every minute of being at school. Her teacher is really enabling Catherine to achieve her potential, and her school reports have been excellent. This year all the children have forgotten that Catherine was ever ill; memories of Catherine with no hair have disappeared. This means that she is now treated like any other seven-year-old girl which has been fantastic for Catherine. No more sympathetic or odd stares. No more awkward questions for her to deal with. A world full of opportunities for a girl who so definitely deserves them. She still dreams of being a doctor, and is now obsessed with the gruesome medical programmes on CBBC.

At night-time, I go in to my children's bedroom and check on Catherine and her brother. It is only in the silence of the evening that I look at them both, give thanks to God for them and then remember the extra thankyou for strengthening all of us to get Catherine where she is today.

Catherine is looking forward to Christmas. This year she has asked for the usual hotchpotch of strange items from Father Christmas including a carrot costume and a Hello Kitty Chair. I'm not sure how successful Father Christmas will be at finding all the items on this rather bizarre list, but the most important things he will have covered, I'm sure.

Thankyou all for continuing to read Catherine's blog. It continues to have many hits per day and my prayer is that you will find her story inspiring, strengthening and a very real and true account of one little girl's life since 2008.

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