Sunday, 23 January 2011

How's it going?

Well, you will be pleased to know that my Catherine is doing really well. She has had some check ups following the end of treatment and all is going well for her. No longer does she struggle to walk long distances, she has colour in her cheeks and her hair is down past her shoulders. No more worry about blood counts, chemotherapy medicines etc. Just one bubbly pretty little mischief who is living her life to the full. What an amazing witness of God's healing and grace.

As a family we are still trying to get to some sense of normality. We have actually booked some holidays this year - unusual as you may remember we could not plan ahead or travel far because of Catherine's two years of treatment. We are still very raw from the whole experience. I still feel very stressed about what happened, and my mind and body are still trying to accept that the threat is over. The lady at ClicSargeant said that it is very normal to feel the anxiety of such a big thing as this AFTER the event. Odd but true. It seems that we can go on autopilot for so long, but when the threat is over, our body and mind has to deal with everything that was put on hold.

So this is Catherine and this is me. We are doing ok but still trying to regain some sense of peace. Prayers would be most welcome. And wherever you are and in whatever you are doing, continue to expect miracles. Dawn x