Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas 2009

A Strange Life

Now that the Christmas rush is over, I feel I have a few moments to update! Catherine has been doing really well - she has had a few bad days on steroids and is currently on 'anti-spot' (Chicken Pox preventative medicine), but otherwise she is doing well. Catherine's sibling is also growing well and is due to make an appearance in the next few weeks. I had an appointment today with my Consultant (this makes a change as it is usually Catherine's Consultant), and it is funny how Catherine just gets into the 'hospital zone'. She is so used to hospitals and Consultants and has her own routine, that seeing another consultant is really no big deal. She was fascinated today that, as they examined my tummy, the bed I had to lay on was NOT ELECTRIC. Yes, it was one that is raised jerkily by a foot pump and Catherine was not impressed. Her favourite bit about seeing her Consultant is when he examines her belly, and she gets to work the electric controls on the bed!!!

Anyway, I have made two medical professionals come close to tears in the past two weeks - not through anything I've said or done, but just when they meet Catherine and read my maternity notes. I find it all so odd really, because I forget that people think we have been through a big ordeal. We just kind of get on with life, and it is only when midwives read about Catherine on my maternity notes, and the complications of this pregnancy, that I start to realize what other people may be thinking. Life is certainly strange.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Another milestone

Catherine watched me having an injection today. This is a big milestone for her as she has always previously been so scared of needles that she didn't even want to look at one! I am pleased because eventually she will not have her portacath and will need to have injections and blood tests. This will hopefully help her get over her phobia.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Special gift

I am feeling quite emotional today as it has been agreed with our Consultant that when our baby is born, the cord blood will be stored. This is very special, as cord blood is used in Bone Marrow Transplants. Whilst we fully believe Catherine will not need the cells from the cord blood, her unborn sibling will be donating these cells which could, if unused, be a match for another child in need of a Bone Marrow Transplant. They will be stored at our hospital. Finding a match is very difficult in Bone Marrow Transplants. With a sibling's cord blood, the likelihood of a match increases. I never thought this would be possible through our hospital so am very touched that our Consultant is arranging it for us. Originally I had anticipated that I would have a home birth, but due to the medication I need to prevent further blood clots, I now have to give birth in hospital. However, today's news gives more purpose to this situation, and one day I will be able to explain to Catherine's brother or sister what their donation means.

Many hospitals now ask for consent to take cord blood and it is so worthwhile. The more who donate, the greater the chances of finding a match. For more on this, please see the link It is also possible for adults to donate bone marrow: Thankyou God for the amazing abilities and knowledge you give to us to help cure such horrible illnesses.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Happy Day

Catherine has had a fabulous day today. She has been so happy and bouncy and has been laughing and generally having a really good time. She has also been back at school and everyone was pleased to see her. She has also made friends with a little boy (shocking, as Catherine didn't really like little boys much when she started school) and she told me they spent some time today kissing eachother on the cheek! She also had fun at school because they did a taste test of different fruits. Catherine LOVES fruit so she would have enjoyed every minute. Also, at bedtime, she chose a book that hasn't been read to her for ages, and decided she would read it. She read most of 'The Lion who missed his Breakfast' all by herself! I was so excited, I had to get Mark to come in and confirm that he hadn't read it to her recently. But sure enough, she read it!

The hospital said that her blood counts are due to drop again in the next few days, and to pack a suitcase in case she starts to feel poorly. But I'm so hoping and praying that even if her counts drop, she will still not feel too bad and will not need to go into hospital.