Monday, 3 September 2012

Four years on!

Last month, it was four years since we were hit as a family by our daughter's diagnosis of Leukaemia, a form of childhood cancer.

It was a traumatic experience.

Two and a bit years of treatment; very intensive at the start.

Countless general anaesthetics, blood tests and syringes of chemotherapy.

A few infections, always coming when least expected, leading to a lot of stress.

Worrying about her falling over in the snow because she didn't have enough platelets (blood clotting cells).

Isolation when immunity counts were low; hospitalization with any temperature over 38degrees.

Hair loss, reactions from other children, threats from simple viruses such as chicken pox.

But also:

God's presence, right in the centre of everything that was happening, guiding, strengthening and protecting.

Wonderful friends, particularly those associated with The Salvation Army. Those who prayed, those who visited and those who made cups of tea. Those who sat with Catherine's parents and chatted and supported.

William Booth College.

Jonathan turning up in full uniform after the diagnosis (in case they turned him away).

Gifts of craft equipment and Catherine's daddy's patience with children's DVD's.

Meals (home cooked) delivered to hospitals 'on legs' rather than on wheels. Ironing done. Washing dealt with. Parents who lovingly kept chicken pox-covered children away from our daughter. Our 'isolation house'.

Fabulous consultants and medical staff, who treated Catherine as if she were their own.

And tomorrow, Catherine will be starting year 3 in her primary school, completely well.

Thankyou God!

Please join with us today to be thankful to God for getting us all through. Be thankful for pray-ers everywhere; over 15,000 of whom prayed for our daughter and many who continue to remember her, and others, in their prayers. Be thankful for the amazing natural rainforest plants, and the great minds who could transform them into Catherine's chemotherapy. Madagascan Periwinkle Plant - we salute you! (Vincristine). Be thankful for trained medical professionals, counsellors and support teams everywhere. Continue to pray for those currently on the journey.

But most of all, be still, and know, that He is God.