Sunday, 29 November 2009

The case of the disappearing glucose

Last night, the hospital confirmed raised glucose levels in both Catherine's blood and urine.

However, in the time it took for her to transfer hospitals (3o mins) and have further bloods examined, the glucose had COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED. If anyone medical can explain this to us, please do, but the latest word we have is that she should be coming home today. The doctors and Jeannette (:-) ) think it may have been a side effect of steroids, but the fact that it just disappeared seems remarkable to me. Maybe I shouldn't be amazed, but it happened when we all started praying...

Thankyou again for your prompt prayers - time and time again they are answered in ways that astound us. The glucose explains why Catherine had been sleeping all the time, but now it is gone, Mark says she is leaping around the hospital!

I'm not sure why these things happen. I don't believe God causes them to happen, but I do believe that he does get involved when we approach him with faith.

'He gives and takes away
He gives and takes away
My heart will choose to say
Lord blessed be your name'.

Let's thank God for his amazing power today.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

The latest situation - please pray

Catherine went into hospital to have some tests done to see why she has been so low on energy and not feeling herself. It is now 23:06hrs and the hospital has called to say that she has glucose in her urine and they are concerned that she may have developed diabetes. Alternatively, the steroids she has been on may have caused this symptom.

She now has to go in immediately to have a blood sugar test. This is a finger prick test which would be fine in someone who has no phobia of needles, but Catherine can't even see me having an injection let alone have one herself. If they find sugar in her blood she will need to stay in for further tests.

Please pray for her if you see this this evening or early tomorrow that it is not diabetes and is just a minor side effect of treatment. God is good - he will listen and answer. She has already had so much to deal with. Her parents are both exhausted with this Eastenders script lifestyle, so a prayer for renewed energy for us would also be appreciated. Please pray for Catherine today. Thankyou.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Poorly Catherine

Catherine is still very under the weather at the moment. She has slept most of the day and we are now wondering if she is becoming anaemic again. It doesn't help that her immune system is also not there, and she is also getting tummy aches and indigestion. We were hoping to be able to take her outside to see the Christmas lights being switched on tonight, but I'm not sure we're going to make it. Poor Catherine always seems to miss out on the fun bits.

If she still seems anaemic tomorrow we will take her to hospital to see if her bloods are really low. They will be able to give her a blood transfusion if her Haemoglobin is 8 or below.

Please pray that she feels better soon. Thankyou.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Portacaths and pantomime

Sorry I've not updated for a bit but I've not been well enough to blog.

Catherine is feeling low at the moment, so she has been at home with me for the past two days. I know she is not feeling good because she quite happily agreed to not going to school, despite the fact it was ballet day. Her neutrophils (immune system) are almost rock bottom and her HB is also taking a bit of a nosedive since her lumbar puncture and chemo. She is also on steroids so her moods are all over the place.

When she had her bloods taken, they found that her portacath (the little gadget under her skin used to take blood and give chemo) had got a bit blocked, so she had to have lots of heparin in it to flush it out. The nurses were very worried because a blocked port is not a good thing. However, we are hoping it is ok for her next bloods. We really don't want to have to replace it as it involves an operation.

We have been given two tickets from the Hospital to see the local pantomime next week so I'm just praying she will feel better by then. She is a real panto lover and is so hoping to see Cinderella. Last year she saw Peter Pan and didn't stop talking about it for ages.

Thankyou to everyone who continues to pray for Catherine. Please pray that her portacath doesn't need changing and that she doesn't get any infections or side effects from her treatment.

We still have just under a year's treatment to go...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Latest news

Catherine decided to cut out two gingerbread men shapes from paper today. On one she drew a sad face and on the other she drew a smiley face. When I asked her why one of them had a sad face she said 'It is you mummy when you are grumpy and moaning because you have to get up and get me breakfast'. It seems the happy gingerbread man is me when I get up and get Catherine her breakfast! Nice.

Catherine still has a cold but apart from having a bit of a sore back from her lumbar puncture she is doing well.

I am now recovering from having a blood clot on my lung. At least now we know why my pregnancy had been so painful!

Thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Another miracle!

Catherine went to hospital last night with all the signs of an infection. When she arrived at the hospital, her temperature had completely disappeared. Not only had her temperature gone, but when they took bloods they found that her immune system had almost doubled since that morning! Catherine and her daddy arrived home at 3.30am this morning. Thankyou God!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Catherine has just been taken to hospital with a temperature and infection. We were not overly concerned until they said they wanted to check her for Swine Flu! Please pray she is ok and that the temperature comes down quickly. We could do with being at home for a few days. Thankyou.