Friday, 27 August 2010

October 12th

It has been a while since I last updated here but believe me, no news is good news!

Catherine is continuing to do well on her treatment, so much so that when we saw her Consultant we spoke about how we would be ending Catherine's treatment! It is hard to believe but we are coming to the end of this two-year journey.

On August 2nd 2008 we were told the news that our three-year-old daughter had leukaemia. On October 12th 2010, Catherine ends treatment, completely healed of that monster. God has been so good, and has faithfully carried us through these tough times. I don't know what we would have done without Him, or all the fantastic medical staff who have treated her. But here we are at the threshold of a new time for Catherine - a new life without medicines. She cannot remember a time without chemotherapy and hospital visits, but now she has a new life to look forward to and we thank God for it.

She will have two more doses of Vincristine chemotherapy before the end of treatment, a final bone marrow test to establish everything is ok and then her portacath will be removed. Then begins the blood tests every two weeks for three months - then every six weeks until the 2 year mark. At the moment Catherine has no immune system again, but you can hardly tell as she is so bouncy and lively. Her mood is the only indicator that she has low neutrophils. We are hoping that her immune system bounces back soon so that she can receive her chemotherapy on Tuesday.

Thankyou for so faithfully praying for us. We will always appreciate what God has done through your prayers.