Sunday, 25 April 2010

Prayers please as wobbly medicine approaches!

After a pleasingly uneventful time on daily chemo and monthly Vincristine chemo, this Tuesday Catherine is having a general anaesthetic and lumbar puncture followed by some chemotherapy into her spinal fluid.

Prayers would be welcome as Mark will be away and this will be the first time I have taken Catherine to Theatre without him (plus I will also be juggling this with looking after a small baby). It is a bit more nerve racking as normally we help eachother through by being there as a family. Mark's mum will be coming with us, which will help.

Catherine is excited as she will be getting her "wobbly medicine" from the anaesthetists. I am nervous as it is a full day, and Catherine will not be able to eat anything after 7am (the procedure may be as late as 3pm). It is not easy keeping a hungry Catherine entertained, but thankfully there is normally a play specialist and some crafts on hand, and hopefully this will distract her.

Please pray that the procedure goes well and that she manages to keep her hair, as this is quite a strong dose of chemotherapy. It would be good if she kept her hair as she had her first hair cut since beginning treatment on Saturday.