Saturday, 31 October 2009

The multicoloured hair!

After a rather fraught school holidays with Catherine being on steroids, she has now come off in time for school next week! Her hair is growing back again but this time it is growing back really dark - dark brown/black! I'm not sure how impressed she will be with the colour but I think she has given up wondering about her hair. It may well all fall out again before the end of treatment, so there is still a way to go before we find out what it will be like long-term. But we think black hair and blue eyes would be a striking combination...

Thankyou for continuing to pray for Catherine. She IS continuing to do well despite the side effects of the steroids.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Bridesmaid Dress fitting (before her hair disappeared)

One ok, one not ok

Our internet has been down so this is the first chance I’ve managed to get to blog. This post might be a biggie!

Catherine is still doing well in herself, despite the odd tummy ache and feeling nauseous. She was ringbearer at a wedding this weekend and did very well despite being concerned that she would get her duties just right! I will try and get a photo uploaded of Catherine in her beautiful dress. Catherine is having Vincristine today (chemotherapy) at the hospital, and then the steroids begin for five days. It's a shame that she is on steroids during her school holiday, but at least she will be at home so wont feel so vulnerable. She is still on her daily chemotherapy medicine as well, and next week she is going for a 'special photo' - an ultrasound to check her kidney function. Please pray that this is ok and shows up nothing odd.

Whilst Catherine is ok, I am now not ok. I am having a difficult pregnancy because I am often in (sometimes considerable) pain. I'm not a wimp with pain (thankfully I think Catherine inherited this), but seriously, this can be as bad as labour! The latest addition is that I am finding it increasingly hard to walk so I have an appointment with the Physiotherapist on Wednesday.

Sometimes I really don’t think I was meant to have any luck in the childrearing department, yet optimistically I thought I'd have another child. Basically it is all Catherine's fault that I am having another one, not because it has been easy with her situation and in the early days, but because I love her HUGELY.

However, Catherine’s sibling is growing well and is getting much stronger, although he is not half as energetic as Catherine was. Catherine always used to like making her presence known, even when I was carrying her. I think this baby is generally much more chilled and prefers to nap than kick (praise the Lord). An easy baby after this pregnancy would be really appreciated (God, you need to listen to, and answer, this request).

Thank you for the prayers for our family and also for the card that we received. I’m not sure where it came from, as the postmark was blurry, but it was full of signatures and kind words. Please don’t forget to pray for Mark. He now has to look after both Catherine and I when we have our bad days. If you could pray for me on Wednesday, I would really appreciate it, mainly that I am diagnosed and that there is some kind of treatment/pain relief available to help us through this stage. At this rate, I may be coming back with crutches, and I'm only 26 weeks pregnant :(

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Catherine is doing well despite a rather noisy night-time cough that she's had for a few days. She had her first full week at school last week, and has done very well. Her friendships are developing and the teacher is very pleased with her. Tomorrow we have our 'hospital day' where Catherine will see her Consultant and have her blood count taken.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Another good day!

Another good and happy day for our daughter! She now has some good friends and knows their names, and is so much happier and more content.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Bouncy, happy, confident & excited!

Well, what an amazing turnaround! On Saturday, Catherine was still distressed about having to go to school on Monday, but the steroids went from her body yesterday. So today she wakes up bouncy, happy, confident and excited about going to school. No worries about whether she can cope with the day. It was 'bye, bye, mummy' and out the door! There were no phone calls from school, and I saw her dinner lady before I went to collect her, and she told me Catherine had tucked in to sausage, beans and mash with chocolate cake for pudding! So I arrived to pick her up and she was fine and happy and was delighted when I suggested going to the cafe for a snack. A totally happy bunny! I think, after the past six weeks, we might be seeing the real Miss Catherine once again.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Last night Catherine was awake in our bedroom crying and very anxious. She is extremely worried about school because she doesn't feel like she has enough energy to keep going for the full day. She also gets worried when there are any big changes - a supply teacher came in the other day, and any such changes can really worry children on chemotherapy.

We spoke to her lovely teacher today, and she came home at lunchtime. She is now in bed having a nap. I really feel for her as she was so worked up last night. She wants to go to school but is finding it very hard. These last two days it has also been worse for her as she is on steroids. Her neutrophils are also still down, although not so low as to be at big risk of infection.

Having said that, she was awarded the 'Busy Bee of the week' certificate by her teacher this week, and yesterday she came home with a little bracelet with 'Hard Worker' on it. She has also made some lovely friends, but today she just felt so low she didn't even want to see them.

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Catherine is now back on steroids. She is not very happy. Her neutrophils are also quite low, so she is a bit up and down with that as well.

Oh well, Catherine had two (reasonably) cheerful days...

Please pray for Wouter today. Wouter is receiving treatment for Rhabdomysarcoma but currently has pneumonia. Thankyou.