Monday, 2 April 2012

A 7th birthday for my one-in-six-million girl

We stand on the threshold of Catherine's seventh birthday amazed at how far she has come.

Looking back four years to the time she was diagnosed, we remember being told treatment would take at least two years and we remember thinking how long that would be! But treatment is over and Catherine is well. God carried us all through that time and even when we felt like it was all too much to bear, God lifted us up, made the situation the easiest possible and got us all through the storm. You may remember me writing that one child in six million receives a diagnosis of leukaemia. Today I think of all the children who have recently started their journey; I remember all the children we met along the way. I remember Wouter who was diagnosed with cancer at a similar time and his inspirational story of healing. I praise God because he is in control of all things.

I wonder whether every birthday will be full of such memories and such gratefulness for the life Catherine is living. With only three more years until the all-clear, I stand in awe of how God has got us through.

Tomorrow, Catherine is 7.

Praise God.


Dominic said...

can't believe 4 years have passed...cath is amazing, God did the amazing and you are both amazing parents...what a great God we serve. thank you for letting us share your journey xxx

Dawn said...

Thankyou Dom x

Carrie said...

It is always nice to see families you have gone through treatment, come out the other side, and are doing well. I cling to the stories like yours! Happy Birthday, Catherine the Great!

Dawn said...

Thankyou Carrie :)