Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A chink of light in the clouds

Today has been a remarkable day for me as Catherine's mum. I'm not sure what has happened, but I am starting to feel that at last, the knot that has been in the pit of my stomach since Catherine's diagnosis may actually be beginning to untie. Today I have not felt on alert - I have felt free and easy for the first time in ages. I am still fully aware that Catherine had leukaemia and that she still needs blood tests and check-ups for the next four years, but something changed today.

Catherine, by the way, continues to do well and is now back at school after breaking her leg! I met a lady today that told me her daughter still has some leg pain occasionally years after, and whilst I was initially a bit sad about this, I was pleased to know this was possible otherwise the leg pain may have made me jump to some big conclusions (leg pain was the earliest symptom of Catherine's illness).

Anyway, this personal breakthrough doesn't feel like a fleeting moment. I just want those other onco-parents that read our story to know that there is hope and there will be some calm after the storm. Every blessing to you all in your journeys x


aj_gentle_warrior said...

you have got an angel as you daughter. believe in god. keep up th faith. hope you will get the official "all clear" verdict pretty soon. my praters are with you. may god give you courage and faith to withstand these tough times. god bless :-))

Fromante said...

This is such a wonderful thing that you can cope so well. Catherine is a very beautiful young girl and the love you give her is obviouly on of the things which keeps you and her going.
Bless you both, I feel deeply for
you. My wife and I had to cope with our eldest son being on the danger list for months. That was back in 1960, now he has a grandson and is still going strong.
Take Care.
Norman Tate, masquarading as Fromante?

Tsuruya Mizuki said...

Wow...this is amazing. I clicked "next blog" and just came upon this wonderful and inspiring story! My prayers and happiness be with you, for I truely believe you and your daughter diserve this. You don't often hear the stories of the people that survive deathly illnesses and go on to do great things, you only hear about the precentage that do not. I think it is wonderful that your daughter is doing better, and I hope it stays that way :)