Saturday, 21 March 2009

Results are in... no neutrophils!

We've just had the results of Catherine's blood test - she has no neutrophils! I am surprised that during the maintenance phase her neutrophils have dropped so low again. The low neutrophils are purely down to the effects of the chemotherapy on the bone marrow, but in the maintenance phase, they try and balance her neutrophils so they don't go below 0.75. The balance hasn't been found yet! It explains her fluctuating temperature as we have observed before that when she has no neutrophils, her temperature bounces around all over the place!

We have also had the results back from the 'infection test' and her CRP is 35 (normal CRP is 5 and severe infection is 100-200). So basically, she has a mild infection/virus but has no neutrophils to fight it which is why she has been struggling. She will not need antibiotics. Once her neutrophils start coming back up, we will see an improvement. Looks like she will be off school for a couple of days (this will not go down well as she is a socialite). How many craft activities and books will we get through in the next few days - your guess is as good as mine?

For the prayer warriors out there, please continue to pray that this remains only a minor infection and that it goes quickly. Also please pray for Wouter and family tonight, as he is in a similar situation this evening

As I sat in the hospital today with my girl and a very tired husband, I thought how odd it was that we were in a hospital with a cold and tummy upset. Normally, with a child not on this treatment, you would look after them at home without too much worry. How strange...

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krokkenoster said...

Oh my word! No wonder she is feeling off! I'm praying for neutrophils for her and strength for you!